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About half of the world’s population is alive today because of increased food production fueled by mineral fertilizers. Still however about one billion people are food insecure and over 2 billion malnourished. We will also have to feed almost 10 billion people by 2050 which calls for 50-70% more food. Moreover, we should sustain our ecosystems that provide the essential services for agriculture to thrive.

Fertilizers can make a tremendous contribution to these daunting global challenges to secure food and nutrition security, while safeguarding our ecosystems. In addition to the 4R Nutrient Stewardship that increased the use efficiency of current fertilizers, we are identifying innovative options to further enhance the efficacy and efficiency of mineral fertilizers.

The Virtual Fertilizer Research Center (VFRC) was initiated in 2010 with the aim to foster the creation of the next generation of fertilizers and production technologies to help nourish the world’s growing population and provide sustainable increases in global food production. The VFRC comprises the work of multiple research institutions around the world cooperating to advance a unified research agenda.


Fertilizer Innovations for Healthy Food?

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